Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a long over due update

My sincere apologies for the late update. Ive been very busy getting settled in. so this is going to be one of my many updates. 

lets hop on a time machine and rewind back to August 22nd when I went to visit my friend dave in suwon. We went to the suwon fortress.

across the street from the fortress... thought we'd go check it out
me by the massive bell
Dave and I spotted that and we decided to climb after our tour of the fortress... (the temple is half way up). it seemed like a great idea at first... climbing was exhausting phew!

entrace to the fortress
traditional army (jang gun) uniform
the rice box... see below

This is how the king murdered he crown prince back in 15th century because he believed that the crown prince was not fit to become the next king due to his mental illness. luckily this isn't how they murdered princesses. I thought i'd see how the crown prince might have felt....

perhaps the queen's quarter?  i dont read chinese

mini figurine of the fortress

turtle stamp for the kids
some artsy pics

prayer for all living in the sea
half way up the mountain's view of the fortress 
no significance... thought it looked cool
this is where the king chilled? (i think...)

temple that is located half way up the mountain
the big massive buddha statue. the door lead u into a prayer room
the golden buddha
me pretending to pray... buddhism style
little lights with a person's name... this covered all 4 walls
pretty lanterns at the temple

randon bug i saw.. kind of pretty

Saturday, August 29, 2009

im now a gansta!

growing up in north york, a block east of yonge st, i have always wanted to do the west side or east side gansta sign with my hand but since i was central, the north side or central sign did not look as cool as the east or the west sign.

we got our school districts. from there we all went on the computer to find out about our schools and etc. well, i found out that i am on the north west end of the city. so now i can do the gansta west side sign! *yipeee!*

a little bit about my school that i have gathered.
my school is called 서울연은초등학교 Seoul Yun Eun Elementary School(english spelling of the name to be confirmed)

tonight is my last night and tomorrow they're putting us on a bus and taking us to our districts where we will meet our coteachers who will then take us to our school and to our new house.

can't wait! more updates to come.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

swine flu scare

5 people got sent home for showing symptoms of the swine flu today.

we now have official temperature checks everyday.

and we're not allowed to go away for the 5 days long holiday... (to be confirmed)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Elementary school teacher :)

guess what? i got my first choice? i will be teaching elementary school.
pretty much i get to play games, sing song and be really animated. 
perfect! it'll work perfectly with my crazy loud personality!

ok so about the trainning in suwon.
we're staying at a university dorm. it really feels like first year but better. my roommate ashley and i get along so perfectly! we talk and laugh until 2 in the morning and when we get up we both look like zombies.

the classes are boring and i try so hard not to fall asleep. but i'm glad i've got my friends; ashley and brandon to keep me sane though we're the "bad kids" that sit in the back and talk. (hehe)

we're also under a lockdown. we're not allowed to leave the university. we were supposed to go on a seoul tour but that got cancelled thanks to the h1n1 flu. we also do daily temp checks.

when we're not in class, we get into some silly things in mine & ashley's room.
last night we did a fan dance with some traditional japanese music and now its our inside joke.

i'm having a blast during my time off but classes are boring. i'm so glad i made some awesome friends to keep me entertained and are as crazy as me.

tonight: order chicken for dinner, group fan dance & karaoke.

Friday, August 21, 2009

beauty is pain video blog

hey everyone!
heres another vlog.
i dont know what happened. it cuts off at the end before i say bye.(fail. i know.)  i also dont feel to re-record it because this was the 4th one thanks to the dogs fighting around me.
miss u & thanks for checking out my blog

p.s regarding my hair.. you must be wondering why don't you put your hair up if its oily and gross? well im not allowed to. until the perm chemical sets in i need to have my hair down and straight so i don't end up with ponytail kinks.

Monday, August 17, 2009

sales and free stuff in korea

in korea, many stores offer sales or free gifts with purchase all year round to get people to buy. often times, you'll recieve a gift for going into a store.

like earlier today, when i went grocery shopping with my aunt. she bought a box of coffee mix, and she got a free lunch box and bag and sample of their ice coffee mix. 

the weirdest sale ive ever heard is that mcdonald's is having a sale. according to the tv commercials, mcdonald's is having a sale called mcsale. this mcsale season, they are offering big mac meals for 3000 won which is just under $3 canadian! that is randomly funny. 

what will koreans think of next?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

how hot? sooooo hot!

31 degrees feels like 41 degrees